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Farsi Call Center understands the growing need to become globally competitive by equipping businesses with bilingual services. We take pride in being one of Asia’s leading providers of voice and non-voice services in the Farsi language. With first-class technologies and a highly proficient workforce, Farsi Call Center strives to offer business solutions that can only meet the highest international standards.

Voice services

Customer Service – Engaging with your customers in their language of choice is the best way to keep them satisfied. Through bilingual call center outsourcing, you can guarantee immediate and effective solutions to your customers’ concerns. Our highly proficient, native-speaking Farsi customer service representatives are continuously given language and cultural training to effectively engage with your diverse customer base.

Technical Support – Tech-related product and service issues require detailed explanation from agents. This can be a big problem if the customers facing technical issues can only speak in Farsi and you don’t have Farsi-speaking call center agents. Farsi Call Center can supply you with technical support agents who can explain instructions in the language preferred by your customers, resulting to faster resolution of concerns.

Non-voice services

Live chat – If you have an e-commerce store or a business that needs real-time customer assistance, instant messaging is a modern support platform that you can use to become a winner in customer service. Farsi Call Center can provide you with live chat support agents who could assist customers throughout the whole online buying process—from the selection phase and order placing, to payment, shipping, and after-sales support.

E-mail – Communicating through e-mail remains to be a popular option for customers when reaching out to businesses. It’s a unique platform because it’s the only support channel that allows agents to fully review reply messages several times before sending to customers. By outsourcing to Farsi Call Center, you will have expert e-mail support agents who can maximize this timeless communication tool in assisting your Farsi-speaking customers.