What skills must your bilingual call center agents have?

International brands owe their customers high-quality services. It doesn’t matter which niche your company is in; across industries, consumers want you to exceed their expectations. A fail-proof way to do this is to fill your organization with people who possess the knowledge and skills necessary to provide exemplary customer support.

Partnering with a bilingual call center will allow you to instantly employ professionals that would help you build customer relationships that transcend cultural differences. However, before signing a contract with a multilingual or bilingual provider, it’s important to assess the competency of their workforce first. Here are the top five customer service skills your outsourced agents must have.


1.     Cultural sensitivity

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To build long-lasting customer relationships, bilingualism or multilingualism alone isn’t enough. Your agents must also be culturally sensitive. This means they must fully understand the culture of your customers so they can effectively communicate with them. Showing this aptitude during customer support transactions can help make people feel that they can trust you.


2.     Empathy and authenticity

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Nowadays, customers want humanized and personalized experiences. They stick to brands that make them feel cared for and special, and they abandon companies that don’t exert the right amount of effort to optimize their experiences.

This is why your agents must always be empathetic and authentic. These are qualities that would make customers feel understood and valued.


3.     Ability to synthesize information

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As technology continues to give birth to new customer support channels, people are expecting you to deliver fast services. To do this, your agents must be as agile as they can be in resolving customers’ issues. They must be able to analyze information thoroughly and quickly in order to understand the crux of the problem and recommend effective solutions. This way, customers end transactions satisfied and happy with the service they were given.


4.     Maneuvering conversations

smiling female call center agent

One of the most important customer service skills a bilingual call center agent must have is the ability to steer conversations into the right direction. They must know when to interrupt a customer, when to let them talk, and what questions must be asked to uncover the problem much more quickly.


5.     Digital literacy

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Brands are relying largely on technology to deliver the kind of service that meets the expectations of their customers. To optimize your internal processes, your agents must be familiar with the channels, tools, and other forms of technology you’re using. Plus, they must also know how to extract, analyze, and organize customer data to help turn them into effective business strategies.



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