Using knowledge management to fix agents’ pain points

In 2017, cloud customer engagement solutions provider eGain conducted a survey on call center agents’ pain points. A total of 615 agents from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, and the Asia–Pacific region participated. Results showed that the biggest pain points among customer service reps are:

•     Finding the right answers to customer questions (26%);
•     Finding different answers from different systems/information sources (25%);
•     Hopping from one application to another (24%);
•     Keeping up with all the new information and changes they need to know about (14%); and
•     Other issues (15%).

How does this affect the customer experience?

You’d notice that a lot of agents’ pain points have to do with information mismanagement, and all these negatively affect the customer experience. When agents can’t find the right answer to a customer’s query, the latter may complain and end the transaction right on the spot.

Meanwhile, if the answers they’re getting from various source are different, agents may deliver inconsistent information to customers. This may lead to a number of follow-ups and low first call resolution rates.

How can contact centers fix this?

young middle eastern call center agent sitting by fern

Today’s call centers are filled with millennials and late Gen X agents, also known as the “look up” generation. Both generations tend to “look up” information over the web and figure things out from there. So the answers they may find may be inconsistent, which means they could end up giving the wrong information to customers.

However, by implementing a knowledge management (KM) system in place, you can help them find the right information every time.

A well thought-out KM process will help streamline information within your contact center. It involves capturing, organizing, distributing, and effectively using data acquired from various sources. This practice helps put everything in place so everyone, especially agents, can quickly retrieve and store customer service-related information. This includes product details, how-to’s, your brands’ latest promotional offers, policies, and other relevant guidelines. That way, agents can easily find what they’re looking for and provide consistent, reliable answers to customers’ questions.

Overall, effective KM can help you achieve the following:

•     Improved, high-skilled labor force;
•     Better online self-service platforms;
•     Fewer call transfers and less on-hold times;
•     Ability to provide consistent answers to customer queries; and
•     Ability to create an effective support software to boost agents’ productivity.

Put simply, allowing information to flow smoothly within the call center results in a better, more efficient customer service. It would help agents find the right information to share with customers, thus boosting your brand’s overall performance. In addition, implementing your KM processes across the organization can, over time, help you deliver a precise and hassle-free customer experience.

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