Top 5 performance management tools for call centers

Although many business leaders increasingly emphasize the importance of leadership skills in management, the best managers do not sacrifice its quantitative side. Especially for business process outsourcing (BPO) companies, measuring performance through metrics gives a more accurate picture of organizations’ standing. Moreover, numbers and percentages allow managers to precisely pinpoint performance gaps, enabling them to devise actionable and effective strategies.

Performance management is especially important for call centers, most of which use various metrics to evaluate their successes and shortcomings. Does your bilingual call center use the following tools to monitor its work processes?


1.     Key performance indicators (KPIs)


KPIs are a set of metrics used to assess the main factors that determine an organization’s success. Some of the most common KPIs that call centers use are time to answer, abandon rates, call handling time, and first call resolution, among others. Once these factors are measured quantitatively, outsourcing companies can quickly identify where they are failing and what they must do to improve their performance.


2.     Performance appraisals


A holistic performance management system is also concerned with productivity at the individual level, as this affects an entire team’s efficiency. As a management tool, performance appraisal evaluates each employee’s productivity and adequacy in relation to a set of criteria. BPO companies usually conduct this periodically to maintain a standardized performance level among all employees.


3.     Mission and vision statements


Mission and vision statements describe why an organization exists, its biggest goals, and how it positions itself within an industry. As such, it is important to describe specifically the company’s mission and vision. Otherwise, a poorly described statement can only cause confusion and may lead to poorly planned programs.


4.     Management dashboards


Management dashboards are performance management tools that consolidate all information relevant to the organization’s productivity. These software applications gather data in one place to present them using charts, graphs, and other visual representations, making them easier to understand. Also, patterns and trends may be readily observed once available data is visualized.


5.     Lean management approaches


Lean management approaches are also among the most commonly used tools in BPO companies. They guide a company’s long-term improvement using systematically organized strategies that concentrate on gradual progress to improve efficiency and quality.


Overseeing your organization’s performance is made easier and more efficient using tools, metrics, and software applications. If you are planning to outsource to a bilingual call center, be sure that they employ various performance management tools for a holistic view of its overall productivity.



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