Things to look for when sorting call center job applications

One of the most challenging aspects of call center management is finding and choosing the best people for the customer service job. With call center attrition being a major cause of added expenditures, contact centers struggle in gathering and training agents who can become the company’s assets for a long time.

Sorting job applications and interviewing would-be agents can be a tedious task. Knowing what specific qualities to look for among candidates will definitely make this task easier for you. Here are some traits that potential star call center employees possess:


1.     Experience

recruitment manager sitting in boardroom with resume on table

If you want to save time in sorting through that pile of résumés, the first thing you need to look at is each candidate’s career background. You need applicants with call center or customer service background since these people have the advantage of adjusting easily to your company. Their exposure to similar call center work processes makes training them easier. Experienced agents understand call center concepts, so look out for relevant buzzwords when sorting résumés.


2.     Personalized cover letter

human resources reading paper resume in office

Job seekers who are applying to several positions at the same time will use the same template when writing cover letters for all of these applications. Generic templates may also be a sign that the applicant does not understand the specific needs of your call center position. A qualified individual who is interested with your company will take the extra step of personalizing his application letter.


3.     Communication skills

young job applicant in interview with recruitment manager

Call center agents spend majority of their daily shifts interacting with customers over the phone. It only makes senses for you to hire people who have excellent verbal communication skills, since having them allows agents to engage well with the customers. Active listening, language proficiency, accent, and vocabulary are some of the things that you should watch closely for.


4.     Customer service orientation

job applicant back human resources recrtuiment team looking at resumes

The ability to express empathy, along with other soft skills, makes agents effective in resolving customer issues and diffusing anger of irate callers. Having a service-oriented attitude also enables agents to overcome the stress that comes with the job they are about to take. A highly empathic applicant is also good in facilitating interactions with their co-workers, since they relate well with the people around them.


5.     Willingness to learn

job applicant answering interview questions

The customer service job is a constantly evolving one, since this position demands constant adaptation to technological and product-specific advancements. Employees must therefore be willing to learn about new concepts every now and then. Refresher courses and new skill training sessions should sound exciting to them. Applicants must also have a clear idea on how the position will help them grow professionally.


To hire the best employees, your recruitment staff must be able to filter applications and eliminate candidates who don’t have the qualifications you have set for the job. Knowing which qualities to search for when studying an applicant’s background can make your contact center effective in gathering exceptional new hires.



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