5 Ways your call center can improve first contact resolution

First contact resolution (FCR) rate is a metric used by call centers in measuring the number of times a complaint or concern gets resolved during the first interaction between the customer and the customer support representative. High FCR rates signify the effectiveness of the contact center in providing the best solutions to customers’ problems and reducing the amount of time they spend in asking for assistance. Read more

Call handling 101: Effective rapport-building tips for call center agents

Establishing a positive connection with customers is the primary goal of phone-based customer support. This mutual trust enables call center agents to engage effectively with customers and assist them in resolving their concerns. Since this task becomes challenging because of the absence of face-to-face interaction, customer support agents must be trained properly on how to establish a connection with customers over the phone. Read more

3 Basics of phone etiquette for bilingual call center agents

When entrusting your Middle Eastern customers to a bilingual call center, there’s a list of skills that your outsourced agents must possess in order to ensure that they’d be able to serve your customers according to their preferences. The ability to exhibit excellent phone etiquette should be among those qualifications, considering that Farsi-speakers are found in various nations with different cultures and communication practices. Read more

How to manage your outsourced Farsi call center better

Partnering with an offshore multilingual call center remains to be a popular option among international businesses that are expanding to new territories. For businesses catering to Farsi-speaking regions like Iran, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan, outsourcing to a Farsi Call Center could mean better customer service and branding, which are ingredients for successful business growth. As an outsourcing client, however, you must make sure that your offshore workforce is being managed properly. Read more

Background check: What makes a Farsi call center trustworthy?

Partnering with a bilingual call center can be your brand’s pivotal step in achieving global competitiveness. But before reaping the benefits of expanding your business reach, you need to make sure that the call center you are about to partner with can take you where you want. In other words, you have to carefully assess the credibility of your prospective partners before ultimately choosing your outsourcing provider. Read more