Why outsource Farsi call center services to the Philippines

For you to effectively engage with your Farsi-speaking customers, it’s a necessity to make your customer support team ready to eliminate language barriers by going bilingual. Equipping your customer service and technical support with bilingual features solidifies your presence in the regions where Farsi is widely spoken. Outsourcing to a bilingual call center is therefore your key to interacting with this promising market.

With approximately 100 million speakers across the globe, the Persian language, or Farsi, is undeniably a widely-spoken language. It is the official language in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, while it is a native language in six other nations. Using it as medium of providing support to customers can therefore help you expand your customer base.

Since outsourcing customer support that is set in the Farsi language can open doors to vast business opportunities, the next question is this: Where should you outsource your Farsi call center services?

Why the Philippines

Why outsource Farsi call center services to the Philippines- Open Access BPO 1

When it comes to successfully delivering bilingual customer support, you need to do more other than just gathering native speakers of the Persian language and delegating them to voice and non-voice call center operations. You need an outsourcing provider that has a solid background in using bilingual customer service as a tool for increasing the bottom line of a business.

The Philippines, being one of the world’s leading outsourcing destinations, is home to the finest language-specific call centers that can offer you topnotch resources and technologies. The bilingual call centers in the Philippines employ comprehensive language and culture training strategies to make sure that their bilingual call center agents’ skills are constantly improved.

How Philippine call centers can help you

Since the Philippines is a culturally diverse hub, your Farsi-speaking customers will be assisted by phone, email, and live chat support agents who are trained to practice cultural sensitivity. Farsi customer service representatives in the Philippines are not only hired based on their language proficiency, but more importantly, on of how well they can understand the cultural context of customer concerns. That’s why Farsi call centers in the country give priority to native speakers of the Persian language when recruiting agents.

Why outsource Farsi call center services to the Philippines- Open Access BPO 2

By outsourcing to the Philippines, you allow a bilingual support provider from the world’s call center capital take care of your outsourcing needs. You are therefore guaranteed access to the latest in outsourcing, especially the bilingual call center niche. While the Farsi call center takes care of your ancillary services, you can have more time to focus on your core operations.

The reputation of the Philippine outsourcing industry when it comes to providing bilingual support solutions is enough reason why you should entrust your business needs to a Farsi call center in the country. If the only thing that stops you from expanding your business to promising Farsi-speaking markets is the lack of bilingual support services, then it’s about time you partner with a Farsi call center in the Philippines.



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