How to manage your outsourced Farsi call center better

Partnering with an offshore multilingual call center remains to be a popular option among international businesses that are expanding to new territories. For businesses catering to Farsi-speaking regions like Iran, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan, outsourcing to a Farsi Call Center could mean better customer service and branding, which are ingredients for successful business growth. As an outsourcing client, however, you must make sure that your offshore workforce is being managed properly.

Having an outsourced team working miles away from you shouldn’t hinder you from managing your resources effectively. With the right strategies in place, you can navigate your offshore team and direct them towards the path that you have in mind. Choosing an expert call center that has a solid experience in helping businesses expand is also another way of making sure that your outsourced staff is in good hands.

Starting things right


Before you enter into an outsourcing partnership with a bilingual call center, you must clearly outline what you are expecting to gain out of this big move. Are there any specific customer service issues that drove you to outsource to a third-party provider? List down the goals that you want your outsourced team to meet. Effective management requires having a clear operational vision all throughout the campaign. This can also help your call center leaders identify which steps should be taken in order to meet your objectives.

It’s impossible to talk about effective call center management without talking about leadership role. As an outsourcing client, it is your right to demand for supervisors and team leaders who have excellent leadership and management skills. Choose the leaders who have broad experience in managing a multilingual call center team. See to it that they know how to play the role of liaison between you and your Farsi-speaking agents.

Managing call center assets

Coordinate with your call center leaders in creating a baseline workflow of agent responsibilities. Although your supervisors will be the ones monitoring your agents, you must also have knowledge on the exact tasks being carried out by your people. This will let you contribute insights on how things can be done better.


Your Farsi call center agents are your outsourcing campaign’s lifeline. From hiring to training, you must have a direct involvement in the supervision of your team. It is also your responsibility to make sure that your call center uses effective quality assurance measures that will guarantee success for your multilingual customer support campaign. Keep communication channels open between you and your agents. If you treat them as assets and invest in developing their skills, they will become more productive in helping you reach your customer support goals.

Outsourcing to a multilingual call center is a great way to connect better with your prospective customers. But before you can start seeing the positive impact of this endeavor, you must first know how to manage your acquired resources properly. Doing so will only ensure that you will reap fruitful results for your growing business sooner than later.



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