How outsourcing to a Farsi call center impacts growth

With at least 100 million speakers all over the world, the Persian language, otherwise known as Farsi, is a promising language for businesses wanting to expand to new, thriving territories in the Middle East. Farsi is the native language in six nations and is the official language in Iran, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. Equipping your business with Farsi customer service solutions can therefore open more doors for business growth.

For you to successfully set your foundation in a new market, it’s a must for you to reach out to your prospective customers using their own native language. You can always come up with creative promos to attract new customers, but how can you make sure that they would always come back and engage with your brand? So for a business expanding to Farsi-speaking countries, outsourcing to a Farsi call center is therefore the right solution.


Responding to language barriers


Having an impressive customer service is the ingredient for successful business growth. But how can you offer your diverse customer base exceptional assistance if there are language barriers threatening your communication lines? Outsourcing to a Farsi call center can be your way of showing your Farsi-speaking customers that you value them. This leads to a smoother transition where the heightened customer’s trust can secure favorable business longevity.

Once you cater to a diverse customer base, you need to step up your game and cater to their unique needs. Your product and services may be of high quality, but if your customers don’t get to freely interact with you because of language differences, they can easily turn away from you and go to our brands. Cultural diversity must never be something you should be scared of. It should motivate you to think of strategies that can improve your marketing performance.


Why outsourcing is the answer

If you want your business to be truly competitive and last long in a Farsi-speaking market, your best option is to outsource to a Farsi call center. This is true for both companies that are still planning to expand to new territories and those that are already catering to foreign-speaking customers.

Having a Farsi call center as an outsourcing partner can lead to significant reduction of operational and labor costs. High quality call center resources, such as technologies and process, can be provided by your bilingual center for you. The voice and non-voice services are also calibrated by quality assurance measures from time to time.


Outsourcing can also give your business a pool of highly skilled representatives. Your Farsi call center agents can be trained to represent your brand in the exact way you want them to. Bilingual call centers in multi-cultural regions like the Philippines can readily scout native speakers of the Persian language for you. They also undergo stringent language and cultural training sessions to make sure they can effectively assist your Farsi-speaking customers.

So how can outsourcing to Farsi call center impact your business? It’s by empowering you to give customer service that exactly meets your customers’ expectations. Partnering with a Farsi call center is your key to establishing solid communication lines between you and your current and prospective customers across the world.



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