Farsi Call Center responds to the call for bilingual support outsourcing

Farsi Call Center, a Philippine-based outsourcing provider, is now offering bilingual customer service and technical support solutions for businesses catering to Farsi-speaking customers. With the goal of empowering your company to engage with customers in their language of choice, Farsi Call Center can become your partner in building stronger ties with your diverse customer base. Our voice and non-voice services, which include phone, e-mail, and live chat support, are designed to meet the highest international standards. They are guided by quality assurance methods that are carefully established by an expert management team to ensure constant evaluation and improvement of services. By outsourcing these services to Farsi Call Center, your brand can be the most accessible and trusted name among Farsi-speaking customers.


Farsi Call Center can provide you the best workforce. Our recruitment and training procedures are guided by language proficiency and cultural affinity standards so that our clients can have Farsi call center agents that are of high caliber. The demand for Farsi call center services continues to rise as your customer base becomes more diverse in terms of language needs. The Persian language, also known as Farsi, has approximately 110 million speakers across the globe. It holds an official language status in Iran, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan, and native language status in six other nations. The lucrative Farsi-speaking market can only be explored when your business services are designed to transcend borders set by language restrictions. In 2006, Farsi Call Center started as a telemarketing company based in San Carlos, California. Transforming itself into an all-around bilingual outsourcing provider, the company decided to transfer all of its operations to the prime business district of the Philippines, Makati City. Under the management of its American founders, the company has successfully become one of the Asian leaders in call center outsourcing in the Farsi language.


By entrusting your customer service and technical support operations to us, you get to concentrate on your core business operations while we, an expert provider of outsourcing solutions, take care of your other business processes. At an affordable rate, Farsi Call Center can provide you first-class resources, including technologies, facilities, and strategies. With enhanced communication channels between you and your Farsi-speaking customers, you get to have improved customer satisfaction, which is key to ensuring customer loyalty and higher revenues. Outsourcing to Farsi Call Center can therefore be your springboard in expanding your business to international markets.

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