Call handling 101: Effective rapport-building tips for call center agents

Establishing a positive connection with customers is the primary goal of phone-based customer support. This mutual trust enables call center agents to engage effectively with customers and assist them in resolving their concerns. Since this task becomes challenging because of the absence of face-to-face interaction, customer support agents must be trained properly on how to establish a connection with customers over the phone.

Requirements of effective rapport-building

Engaging with customers becomes easier if agents have knowledge of the caller’s recent purchasing activities and other relevant information. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems can give call center agents quick access to customer profiles that they can use while assisting callers. Having background information about the caller enables them to adjust their approach and make sure each conversation is personalized.


There’s no better way to win the customers’ trust than to show sincerity and willingness to help. This genuine concern reminds customers that the agents see them as clients who deserve excellent services. Greeting and addressing them by their names can also add warmth to the conversation.

In order to fully empathize with the customer, agents need to show that they understand what the customers are feeling. Even the most upset callers can be won over if the attending agents assure them that their needs are being prioritized. When a caller presents a complaints, agents must apologize sincerely for the inconvenience. Irate customers will only become angrier if agents respond aggressively.

How to make customers like call center agents

How agents talk to customers and how their voices sound over the phone affect the chances of rapport being established successfully. The volume and tone of voice used by agents can influence the customers’ perception of them being rude or nice.

Religiously reading from a script can make agents sound robotic, which turns off most customers. Inflection or changes in pitch should be encouraged instead. Agents must also know how to respond to customer remarks to make the conversation more casual. However, agents must be careful in adopting a personality over the phone. Professionalism must still be maintained all the time.

Connecting with customers can be challenging for call center agents because not all callers present a friendly demeanor. However, with the right call handling techniques, customer support representatives can be effective in creating a positive initial impression, which can set a good tone for the interaction.



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