5 Traits to look for before outsourcing services to a BPO firm

Before outsourcing services to a third-party firm, you must undergo a stage that involves choosing the right overseas partner. Aside from ensuring they are experts in the Farsi language and culture, you also need to look at a few factors that can dictate the success of your partnership.

It’s vital to screen your potential providers to get the best out of their services and maximize the skills and experiences they have to handle your Farsi-speaking customers worldwide. Here are some non-negotiable characteristics that you should look for in an offshore partner:


1.     Right workforce size


The number of customer service representatives must be able to cover the expected number of calls from your clients. Especially during product launches and service failures, a team must always be ready to accommodate inquiries and complaints to avoid escalations. Also, it’s important to have the right workforce size to avoid additional costs. Hiring too many agents when you’re expecting less clients can hurt your financial budget and plans.


2.     Good management record


Partnering with a firm that already has a background in handling your line of business is an extreme advantage. This lessens the time you need to put in details about your policies and procedures. They can also come up with suggestions to improve your services based on their previous clients. Additionally, tracking their records is important to ensure that you’re placing your business in good hands. If there are any red flags, cut them right away from your list.


3.     Healthy company environment


Looking after your team’s welfare is important. From their workstations to their incentives, you must ensure that everything’s conducive for working and beneficial to their well-being. When you have a pool of happy and satisfied agents, you can expect them to deliver excellent customer service. One way to check employees’ satisfaction in a company is to pull out employer records regarding turnover rates, hiring processes, and training procedures.


4.     Continuous training sessions


Frequent training is a must in bilingual call centers. Even if they have native speakers, teaching agents the business language is still important. This hones them to communicate properly with your Farsi-speaking clients. Also, exposing them to the culture of your customers can help them understand and establish rapport better with a high level of confidence.


5.     Modern facilities


One way of maximizing your partnership with an offshore company is to make use of their modern technology to enhance customer experience. It’s also advisable to go for a firm that offers multi-channeled support because the wide accessibility and convenience that their channels give can help you engage with your clients better and resolve their concerns immediately.


Entrust your business to a reliable offshore partner using these criteria. In doing so, you ensure profitability and customer loyalty. Do you have other non-negotiable criteria in choosing an outsourcing company?



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