4 Tips for making the most of call center gamification

Many contact centers have started using gamification as a performance improvement strategy for their employees. The use of healthy competition and collaboration in a quota-driven environment enables agents to be accountable for their growth and achievements. This relieves the need for supervisors to constantly monitor agents and remind them about their goals.

Call center gamification empowers agents to be more proactive when it comes to managing their performance. They can now keep track of their numbers, as well as their peers’ progress, in real time. The feedback, incentives, and recognition the agents receive after doing an excellent job will only motivate them and their colleagues to perform better.

How then can you take advantage of this workforce optimization strategy? Here are some gamification best practices that you can implement in your call center in order to get the best results:


smiling-arabic-women•     Understand what agents want

Identify the incentives that your agents look forward to receiving. Incentives, such as gift certificates, paid leaves, or bonuses, are usually the ones that make agents react positively to the challenge of performing well.

Group rewards are preferable when teamwork is crucial to productivity. Find out what drives your top performers to excel at work, and use this knowledge in influencing others to adopt the same goal.


•     Make goals attainable for everyone

Every member of the team must have a chance to be recognized. Limiting the recognition to the highest-ranking agent can frustrate others who have also worked hard to exceed their usual productivity metrics. Limiting the number of winners can discourage agents to double their efforts, especially when they know that someone is already doing better than them. It’s also best to make use of individual and group activities and challenges to give a fair chance to all types of employees


•     Keep the competition healthy

Using gamification must never be a reason for you to foster an environment where employees put each other down in order to get recognized. You must strive to keep the competition friendly by reminding employees that helping one another and encouraging their peers can help them reach better results as a team. Avoid using penalties or negative reinforcement to teams or individuals that didn’t do well in your competitions, since they drive agents to push the limits just to avoid being sanctioned.


businessman-hands-studying-charts•     Evaluate the effectiveness of your program

All strategies that you use in improving the performance of your employees must be evaluated from time to time. Observe how the use of group challenges or individual benchmarks has created an impact on your call center’s overall productivity.

If you’re not seeing the results that you envisioned, you may need to revise some parts of your gamification program. You could be setting unreasonably high expectations or your rewards aren’t just that appealing.


The potential for agent performance to improve is always influenced by your employees’ drive. Motivation, whether self-driven or externally applied, can give your call center productivity a boost. Following the gamification practices above can transform your agents into highly motivated and passionate employees who can surpass your normal productivity goals.



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