4 Qualities of a customer-centric call center service

Being customer-centric is perhaps the most desirable quality that every call center should focus on. Rather than quantifying metrics and performance indicators, the trend for successful business process outsourcing (BPO) today is measuring what really matters in the industry. In simpler terms, this refers to customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction, in contrast to average handle time and number of calls resolved every hour, is a qualitative measure of a contact center’s efficiency. It can be attained by delivering customer-centric services, which would require continuous training and practice. Selecting agents that are naturally cut out for customer service is also a must.

To guide leaders in crafting a roadmap to customer centricity, this article identifies the qualities that a customer-focused service must exemplify.


1.     They use customer data to enhance service and sales.


The best call center companies perform efficiently by listening to their customers and then gathering relevant consumer data. They also process these data intelligently to enable the whole company to revamp its existing sales and service delivery strategies. They use sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) tools, evaluate customer survey results, and build an analytics-focused team to drive a customer-focused service delivery.


2.     They use KPIs that are based on customers’ experiences regarding the service.


KPIs, or key performance indicators, are the basis for a company’s success. To be customer-centric, there is a need to veer away from using purely quantitative measures like calls per hour and call handling time. Instead, other metrics such as first-contact resolution, quality of calls, and customer satisfaction would more accurately reflect the customer experience.


3.     They evaluate quality both from the company’s and customer’s perspectives.


Investing in reliable quality monitoring tools that can document customer service transactions is required of all companies shifting into a customer-centric strategy. Aside from this, conducting an after-call survey is also a good measure, since you can find out what exactly the customer felt during the call. Afterwards, insights gained from the surveys can be incorporated in agents’ training modules and office workflows.


4.     They embrace customer needs and satisfaction.


Embracing customer needs and satisfaction is more difficult than it seems. It involves having to sacrifice what your organization wants to achieve in favor of what customers prefer. If you can find a balance between the two, it would be a win-win situation.


Customer centricity is the quality that accurately defines the modern call center. The challenge, however, is to break free from conventional strategies that are usually employed by most companies in the BPO industry. Therefore, it cannot be achieved instantly. Instead, the path toward sustaining a customer-focused service requires a slow, gradual shift.



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