5 Tips for your agents’ virtual classroom training

Customer service training is one of the things you must think about before proceeding with your outsourcing venture. Many business owners directly take part in training their outsourced agents to ensure that their performance is reflective of the brand’s image and standards. To make this possible, managers set up a virtual classroom to conduct training programs for their bilingual call center. Read more

How can call center agents sound sincere on the phone?

Sounding authentic when receiving a customer call is important for bilingual agents. Once callers notice that brand representatives sound uninterested and seem uninvolved with the work they do, they will feel burdened and unappreciated. This compromises the quality of customer experience that you, as a brand, are capable of providing. Read more

Top 5 performance management tools for call centers

Although many business leaders increasingly emphasize the importance of leadership skills in management, the best managers do not sacrifice its quantitative side. Especially for business process outsourcing (BPO) companies, measuring performance through metrics gives a more accurate picture of organizations’ standing. Moreover, numbers and percentages allow managers to precisely pinpoint performance gaps, enabling them to devise actionable and effective strategies. Read more