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About Us

Farsi Call Center is an outsourcing firm that offers voice and non-voice customer service and tech support solutions to companies with a large Farsi-speaking consumer base. We understand the growing needs of the untapped Farsi-speaking market, a language that is native to nine countries and holding official status in three nations. With call center facilities in a culturally diverse outsourcing hub, the Philippines, we are able to scout bilingual professionals and native speakers who can converse with your customers with great ease and no contextual difficulties.

In 2006, our company was founded in San Carlos, California and transferred operations to the Philippines’ Makati Central Business District a year later. The move helped pave way for our telemarketing startup to grow into an all-around service provider specializing in the Farsi language. Now, the solutions we offer include inbound and outbound call center services, as well as non-voice business processes delivered through email and live chat.

We in Farsi Call Center take pride in our culturally competent workforce. Our tech support agents and customer service representatives are hired and trained following the highest international standards for BPO recruitment and management. These practices, along with the top-of-the-line technologies and time-tested leadership methods we apply, assure that our services are delivered without bounds.

Let Farsi Call Center launch your brand ahead of the competition using a localized approach. With competitors vying for the biggest market share, you could take the lead by reaching out to your audience in the language they best prefer.